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TV Aerial Wall Socket Is Not Working

  • Post published:November 8, 2021
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Is your tv aerial wall socket not working and you’re not sure what to do?

In 2019, the average daily television viewing time in Britain was just over three hours. This goes to show that most of us rely on our tv sets for entertainment and enjoyment. 

So, when we have problems with it, it can be frustrating and leave us feeling dissatisfied. But fortunately, it could be an easy fix that you can carry out yourself.  

So keep reading and we’ll share a few tips on how to resolve issues with your tv aerial wall socket so you can get back to watching the shows you love.

Focus On the TV First

To begin with, ensure the problem isn’t with the television itself. A lot of people can overlook this and assume everything is as it should be. 

But, it’s really easy to accidentally press a button on the remote and change the settings. This is even more true if you have young children who like to touch everything. 

So first you should do the following:

  • Ensure your tv is plugged in
  • Ensure there are no loose wires
  • Ensure it’s on the right channel

Once you determine everything is ok, you can be sure the issue isn’t with the tv itself. 

Have You Accidentally Cancelled Your TV Subscription? 

It may seem a waste of time but, it’s a good idea to confirm you still have a tv subscription and nothing has been cancelled. 

Call your supplier or, check your online account for any changes or cancellations. 

If you discover that you have stopped paying for a service then you can resolve it straight away. This saves you the hassle of getting on your hands and knees to check wires etc. 

Check the Exterior Aerial

We should warn you that you should only do if you feel confident and, have someone else present for assistance. 

Over time, exterior tv ariels take a beating due to being exposed to the elements. Bad weather such as heavy rain, hail and snow can damage the aerial or cause it to become loose. All this can result in poor reception and can explain why your tv isn’t working. 

So locate the aerial and examine it. If you spot loose cables then try tightening them and see if this fixes the issues. 

Yet, if you spot signs of damage, it’s likely you’ll need a new aerial. In this case, it’s best to let an expert replace it. 

Check the Wall Socket and Coaxial Cable

If you still can’t fix the issues then take a look at the wall socket.

Ensure the coaxial cable isn’t loose on the outside by gently wiggling it. If you find that it is loose then tighten it by hand. But, if everything seems fine, then unscrew the screws and remove the plate. Check the cable at the back and once again, see if it’s loose. 

If you find that the cable is tight enough, then examine it for signs of damage. Over time, the cable can erode which will affect your tv picture quality. 

TV Ariel Wall Socket Still Not Working?

If you discover the coaxial cable or wall socket is damaged then you should call one of our expert electricians in Milton Keynes. We’ll be able to replace it for you and have your tv working in no time. 

Contact one of our friendly team today for more information and a quote.