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What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself

  • Post published:September 29, 2021
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Are you wondering what electrical work I can do myself? Well, it’s a tricky question to answer, and there are a few important factors you should know.

Many people in the UK attempt to do electrical work in their homes for many reasons, including:

  • To save time
  • To save money

Whilst these are both valid reasons, the risks of working with electrics are substantial, especially for those who are unqualified. Plus, there are certain jobs that only certified electricians can carry out. If you attempt them, you could find yourself in severe trouble.

But keep reading, and we’ll break down what electrical work you can/can’t do and explain why.

Understanding Part P

As we’ve just mentioned, there is some electrical work only a certified electrician can carry out.

In 2005, the Government introduced Part P into the buildings regulations. These new rules apply to all homes in England and Wales and must be abided by.

The aim of Part P was to divide electrics inside domestic properties into two categories. These categories are:

  • Minor
  • Notifiable

By doing this, it makes clear which electrical jobs must be left to the professionals. And as a result, it should reduce the number of injuries and deaths to unqualified people.

So What Electrical Work Can I Do Myself?

Depending on which category the electrical work falls under determines whether you can carry it out as someone who is unqualified.

A certified Part P electrician must complete all work that is classed as notifiable. This includes such things as:

  • Full house rewire
  • Fuse box replacement
  • Work carried out in a special location
  • Wiring a new circuit

A special location is typically a place where water is present, e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, sauna’s swimming pools etc.

These electrical jobs are deemed to be high risk, so only qualified professionals can complete them.

Minor electrical work is what you can carry out in your own home. These are jobs such as:

  • Adding socket outlets to an existing circuit
  • Installing outside sockets from an existing circuit
  • Replacing control switches and socket outlets
  • Changing ceiling roses and pendants
  • Replacing simple wall lights

You should know you cannot attempt these if they’re located inside a special location.

What Happens If You Ignore Part P

Ignoring Part P regulations can have serious consequences.

To begin with, if you attempt a notifiable job and you’re not qualified, your home insurance will become invalid. So, if there’s damage done to the property, you won’t be compensated.

Also, if you try to sell your home and cannot provide the correct certification, you’ll face issues. You will likely have to pay a qualified person to inspect the work and sign it off. If you don’t, you cannot sell your home.

Finally, it’s a criminal offence, and you may find yourself in legal trouble.

Why You Should Always Hire a Qualified Electrician

Remember that electrical work is dangerous and not worth the risk of saving a few pounds.

Instead of researching what electrical work can I do myself, we suggest you hire a professional electrician in Milton Keynes to do it for you. Not only is this safer but, you’ll follow the regulations.

Finally, contact us today to learn about our services and how we can help.