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What is a Fused Spur?

  • Post published:June 12, 2021
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Have you heard the term fused spur lately and want to know exactly what it is? Well don’t worry, fused spurs are commonly found in all types of properties, including households. They play an important role in your home’s electrical setup and can keep you safe. In fact, you may have used one lately without even knowing about it.  So keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions including; what is a fused spur, why are they necessary and how do they work?

What is a Fused Spur?

A fused spur is a device used to ensure isolation from your main electricity supply. They directly link an electrical cable to a high-voltage appliance, so they eliminate the need for a plug and socket. You can put either a 3, 5 or 13 amp fuse in the fuse holder depending on the power consumption of the appliance you are protecting. Fused spurs are also called fused spur switches or, fused connection units. Please note that they should only be installed by qualified electricians. 

Where Do You Find a Fused Spur?

As we mentioned earlier, fused spurs are used in all types of properties including, domestic and commercial.  If you want to find one in your home, then you’re best to go into the kitchen. The fused spur is that switch to the left or right of your oven, which needs to be turned so you can cook your dinner.  As well as ovens, they can also be used to control the power to other kitchen appliances such as:
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
Plus, you may find them in your bathroom or next to your boiler. 

How Does a Fused Spur Work?

A fused spur is used as an alternative to a plug and socket.  Due to this, they can allow the higher voltage appliance to operate on a single cable outside of the ring main. Also because they use a fuse, they protect against shocks in the event of an excessive current. This means that they offer an extra safety element. 

What are the Different Types of Fused Spurs?

There are four common types of fused spurs such as:
  1. Switch Fused Spur- Commonly found in the kitchen to control appliances like ovens and dishwashers. 
  2. Non-Switch Fused Spur- Used to control appliances such as freezers which need to be running continuously. 
  3. Single Pole Fused Spur- Has an isolation mechanism that only affects the live wire current.
  4. Double Pole Fused Spur- Can isolate both the live and neutral wires. These types of fused spurs are commonly used to control boilers.

The Simple Guide to Fused Spurs

We hope this article has been able to answer your question of ‘what is a fused spur?’  It’s important to remember that they are technical components. As such, they should only be installed/uninstalled by qualified electricians. This helps to keep you safe and your appliances working correctly.  If you need any more advice on fused spurs or any electrical components, then feel free to contact us.